Why Hasn’t Jennifer Aniston and Her Man Wed Yet?

Posted on May 3 2013 - 4:37am by Kimber

Jennifer Aniston is complete with the dashing fiancé, a sparkling engagement ring, plus the sexy good looks and body to walk in any outfit or wedding gown there is. But why hasn’t she said “I do” yet to her beau Justin Theroux?

Why Hasn’t Jennifer Aniston and Her Man Wed Yet?

Why Hasn't Jennifer Aniston and Her Man Wed Yet?

The couple has been engaged since last year August, and on February when news broke out about a “Wedding Countdown” on PEOPLE magazine revealing that the dress, ring, and occasion was all set up, people began to stir. It was also said that the big day would have been March 8 after Aniston finished making her new movie. But the “small affair” never came through. In a recent interview, she was asked if she already had her wedding dress picked out, and she replied with a simple “No, I don’t.”

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux picture 1

jennifer aniston and justin theroux picture 1

For somebody who’s supposed to be having the ultimate wedding this 2013, Jen sure doesn’t mind if the details are hazy. Celebrities are known to spread wrong information about their lives especially relationships to the paparazzi. According to a source for celebrity gossip, a star’s mother let slip misleading information regarding her to-be-wed daughter just to spike the media.

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Harmony Walton, The Bridal Bar founder has operated nuptial for stars such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and so much more. This entire celebrity wedding development is directed with an almost CIA-like confidentiality, particularly for someone like Jennifer Aniston.


Walton jokingly comments that whoever is working with Jen’s dress design has to visit her with utmost privacy so Jen won’t have to worry about being captured on camera while she’s choosing flavoursome cuisine or wearing Vera Wang for the occasion. She adds that all the planning is done at home where she can get all the discretion she wants. Walton describes that there was a time she had to hold meetings for wedding planning at 10, even 11 o’clock in the evening because no one really knew yet the couple is to be wed. If they planned during any other time, it surely can’t be a secret anymore.


But the fact that Aniston can take a break from shooting her films, does not insinuate she will be using it for the big “I do.” Walton explains that the media often expect celebrities to get married if both of them have time off. She provides an example that several couples have taken weekends off in-between filming a movie or show all for the anticipated occasion. Then work comes again, and the honeymoon has to come much later. This way, no one will be speculating that they did the deed due to a busy schedule.


It looks like Jen will is lying low about this for a while. Who knows, maybe she’s just waiting for the green light? But undoubtedly, she’ll be looking her finest.




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