Matt Damon and Wife Renew Vows in the Caribbean

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 3:37am by Kimber

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso said their vows once more on April 13, Saturday. They’ve been wed for almost eight years now, and the two shared a very romantic “I do” ceremony renewal in Saint Lucia in the Caribbean Islands. The 42-year-old Bourne star booked the whole Sugar Beach Resort in Saint Lucia that reportedly cost a million and more dollars just for the main occasion.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso Photo

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso Photo 1

 The Oscar-winning actor, screenwriter, and director first married Barroso, previous bartender and Argentinian native on December 2005 in a civil and reserved service.  There were only 50 close friends and family members that included Matt Damon’s close pal Ben Affleck with wife and actress, Jennifer Garner this time around.  An insider reveals that Damon and Barroso exchanged their promises to each other at sunset beneath roofs of thatch.

Luciana Barroso Hot Photo 2

Luciana Barroso Hot Photo 2

Matt Damon was in a tan suit paired with simple slippers, and his beloved Luciana of 36, dressed in a cream evening gown with a spangled belt on her waist.

2-year-old Stella, 4-year-old Gia, 6-year-old Isabella, the pair’s kids as well as Alexia, Luciana’s daughter from her past marriage, all dressed in light, and lovely colours that harmonized their mother’s attire.

The guests all wore hues of ivory and cream, and after the ceremony which lasted only 15 minutes, they were escorted towards the beach facing the sunset for cocktails, a reception embraced with Tiki torches.

Insiders reported that Damon did not want this to be a glam Hollywood nuptial. He wanted it to be plain happy, fun, and private. A source from the setting tells us that Saint Lucia is the perfect place for weddings. Everything is so peaceful.

Luciana Barroso Pic 3

Luciana Barroso Pic 3

Damon comments that he feels Luciana deserves this most, that she is always first. A close guest from the ceremony shared that the two have planned on this for quite a long time. Their first vows was a small one, still will only close friends and family. Matt Damon has been known be slightly more private compared to his other celebrity best friends, and he says he wants it to stay that way.

Matt Damon and Wife


Damon shared on an interview that his narrative would go something compared to a plain and boring married guy, which is a good thing, he says. He adds by inserting his close friends George Clooney and Brad Pitt joking he’d rather not get into those deals, because he doesn’t get it. He gags on saying that people would think he is pretty much like vanilla, and they just leave him alone to be a wonderful dad, and husband leading a private life.  

Being the only man in the house, he adds that it doesn’t bother him whatsoever. He says that the girls and Lucy can undoubtedly bring him to his knees.

 Ironically, Damon reveals that he’s never been the one who surprises his wife with flowers, gifts, and wonderful ideas, that, he jests, he’s sh*y at it. He laughs describing he’s never been good at those, but she is, and he wishes he were because she deserves it.



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