Jennifer Garner Comments on Husband Ben Affleck’s Oscar Speech as the Warmest Ever

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 3:49am by Kimber

Ben Affleck’s Oscar acceptance speech on winning “Argo” for Best Picture ended up surpassing more media babble than headlines for the actual award itself.

Several days after the Oscar night, there began a media circus speculating if the two were going to get a divorce.

Jennifer Garner Comments on Husband Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner Comments on Husband Ben Affleck

But his adoring wife Jennifer Garner has only showed to us how great her marriage is still going with her husband Ben, the superb Oscar-winning actor/ producer.

Since the Oscar ceremony, rumours surged about whether or not these two were having qualms considering Affleck stated in his acceptance speech that it’s been work, their marriage, but then adds that it is the best work.

Affleck continued on the speech saying that he wouldn’t choose to work with anybody else on a marriage for ten Christmases now.

It’s been almost 8 years of matrimony for Ben and Jen.

Hot Jennifer Garner Photo 1

Hot Jennifer Garner Photo 1

Despite this, Jen did not worry about the gossip surrounding Ben’s 2013 Oscar win address.

Even if family friends started to wonder, and there was a point where a friend phoned Jen to ask if the two of them were really okay, Jennifer Garner remained certain.

Jen informed an insider that she was aware everyone misinterpreted what her loving husband had to say, but that it’s all just talk. She was astounded as to the amount of people that misinterpreted Ben’s gracious speech.

The lovely Garner has now clarified these misunderstandings, and tells us that she and Ben are still in a most happy place in their marriage.

The 40-year-old star for previous hit “Alias” shared that her husband’s speech was such a happy moment for her.

Garner expounded on his declaration saying that he actually meant it as the biggest and warmest compliment on their marriage, not otherwise, in line with what rumours are saying.

She interprets from her standpoint that what Ben really meant to say was that their bond is real and treasured – that they will always be in this wonderful marriage together, that he knows she is in it with him just as he is in it with her no matter what happens.

She says she knows her husband very well.

Hot Jennifer Gamer Photo 2

Hot Jennifer Gamer Photo 2

Garner also mentioned she felt sorry for Affleck and tagged him as “poor guy.”

She didn’t want him to place himself in that position, that it’s horrible to be put in a situation like that, worrying about what she would think, and her point of view of the whole matter.

But really, all that matters is Jen’s point of view for Affleck, isn’t it?

Who really cares what other people are speculating, as long as they are both happy.



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