How Ryan Cabrera Has the Face of Ryan Gosling as a Leg Tattoo

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 3:29am by Kimber

Unfortunately for Ryan Cabrera, this isn’t an April Fool’s prank.

This tattoo-laden, talented singer/songwriter, who once was linked with Ashlee Simpson on her MTV reality series and “The Hills” actress, Audrina Patridge, now has the image of Ryan Gosling plastered permanently on his right leg.

Ryan Cabrera Photo 1

Ryan Cabrera Photo 1

Cabrera, Canadian-born and is now 30, proudly showed to the cameras and onlookers his tattoo of actor Ryan Gosling on a pre-show acoustic gig in Las Vegas at Hyde Bellagio on March 28, Thursday night.

Inside the fancy and cozy club, Cabrera performed his hit songs that included “True,” “I See Love,” and “On the Way Down”.

He later tweeted to his fans that he had a blast and that there is nothing like an acoustic performance in the middle of a water show in Hyde Bellagio.

It was also followed by a reveal on YouTube uploaded by Denise Borders, Cabrera’s fan containing his confession.

Certainly a lot of Gosling fan girls would love to have Ryan’s charming features inked on their skin as well, but Cabrera revealed that his tattoo of Gosling is merely an outcome of an innocent game he and his peers coin tattoo roulette, and nothing intimate of any sort. Thank goodness!

Ryan Cabrera Tatoo Photo 2

Ryan Cabrera Tatoo Photo 2

On a recent interview with former N’Sync member Lance Bass on his radio show Dirty Pop, Cabrera shared that he and his buddies enter the tattoo shop every now and then and he and a companion would have to pick something completely out of the box off hand, while he, picks for the other.

He adds that they would not have a chance to see the actual picture of the chosen tattoo until it is done, and then they reveal simultaneously the randomly picked, and wacked out tattoos with each other.

Cabrera noted that he chose a Hershey’s kiss image for his buddy after he had to sport the designated tattoo of Ryan Gosling’s face.

Added fun features to his exotic tattoo collection are the cartoon character Care Bear, and a playful unicorn that he acquired in Cabo.

Well frankly, for a spikey-haired stud such as Ryan Cabrera, these don’t look very much appealing

But Cabrera comments these tattoos do make him let out a laugh as they are indeed quite funny.

Good thing there are some rules and limitations to their game. Cabrera expounds by saying that the only disallowed choices are religious icons or anything at all offensive.

Well, if it were to be any man’s features, why not go with a Gosling? This actor is gorgeous, not to mention mighty shimmering on the spotlight!





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