Did Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Split?

Posted on Apr 24 2013 - 1:56am by Kimber

Rumours are going around that Ozzy and Sharon are taking a timeout. This once hot-rod couple are no living with each other anymore, apparently.

But it looks like there are no plans for immediate divorce – at least for now, despite the extreme gossip of them being goners during the weekend. Talk of the two splitting up after 31 years of man and wife with 3 children continued to spiral on Monday all thanks to several media sources claiming that Sharon was living in a hotel and was seen evacuating from her and Ozzy’s LA mansion last week. The two had not seen each other for 3 entire weeks now. It was said that Sharon rented a luxurious hotel and Ozzy, a mansion.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Jack Osbourne, their son of 27 years continues to be firm on the fact that his parents are still very much together. He declared the rumours false through Twitter. He posts saying that it’s “bull*”, that the last time he checked, the Brit. Press isn’t a relevant source of info.

Jack likely might have referred to The Sun, who informed on Sunday that the duo moved out of their home and are staying in residences at least 2 miles apart.

In the paper, there were snapshots of Sharon Osbourne, now aged 60 by a moving truck along with workers bringing her new furniture to the newly-bought house in the past couple of days. There were also pictures of Ozzy, 64 on the other side, and more of Sharon without their rings. The two have been spotted without them several occasions now. Sharon Osbourne, whom we believe is returning this year as a judge in the UK X-Factor, is reportedly staying in the hotel while she waits for her home to finish renovating in Beverly Hills.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Pic

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Pic

The Sun explained that the pair has had many chances to see each other but never did so. It describes how Ozzy has been on rehearsals and that Sharon co-hosting the The Talk 4x a week, with both having days off work, but they never did take time. Another source concludes that both are not acting like they should as husband and wife, living in separate addresses, not spending even the littlest time with each other, and most of all, they fight a lot. It’s not common to not spend quality dinner time when they only live five minutes away.

Recently, the pair have shared that they don’t have the smoothest relationship, even admitting on The Howard Stern Show that Ozzy had cheated with numerous women during the first stages of being wed, during the tip of Ozzy’s Black Sabbath career. Sharon Osbourne’s publicist refused to make a comment on the matter, but knowing Sharon, we’re certain this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing of the matter.

Despite all this blather on splitting, Kelly Osbourne was seen smiling the other day. She was caught by a few paparazzi as she left her dad’s property.





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