Debra Messing is All Smiles Again

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 3:45am by Kimber

Debra Messing is off to a new start.

It was recently reported that this “Will & Grace” star has signed a new contract as a major cast in a CBS comedy.

Debra Messing Hot Pic 1

After the aftermath that “Smash”, Messing’s drama-musical will be moved for Saturdays (not a good sign for a show that hasn’t fared very well) Messing has agreed to be the leading lady of a new hopefully unwavering show.

She was eager to deny rumours of her current show “Smash” closing and had even revealed to fans on Twitter that this new schedule will not do very good.

Messing shares in an interview that she accepted the role of “Shira” a struggling married mother for her upcoming role because nowadays, it’s rare for her to come across something fresh and outright funny. The script just made her bawl with laughter.

Debra Messing Photo 2

Debra Messing Photo 2

The delightful actress further elaborates that she’s ready to laugh till it hurts again. What’s also wonderful is that she will be working with producer friends from both “Smash” and “Sex and the City”. A reunion would be a blast.

Messing continues that this sitcom is based on a well-loved show in Israel and also comes from the same establishment that popularized “In Treatment” and “Homeland”. The actress believes that the country has good show potential.

Whatever the outcome if whether or not “Smash” will return for a 3rd season, Messing remains to be steadfast to it sharing all about the wonderful experiences she’s had with “Smash”.

She shares that with the show, she’s enjoyed every second of it, being very proud to show viewers across the country what dancing, singing and a Broadway dream is really like.

In another interview, Messing expounds that a long time ago; she learned not to take things so seriously about whether or not a show will become a huge success. Messing further explains she is just out there to be who she is, showing every talent she’s got That’s what she’s been doing for her recently not-so-popular series “Smash”.

Veering into Messing’s personal path, the actress has moved to New York City where “Smash” is filmed. Messing relocated from L.A. after she parted with Daniel Zelman, partner of 10 years.

Messing sold her estate in Bel Air for about $11.5 mil.

Debra Messing Photo 3

Debra Messing Photo 3

An insider reported that she started dating Will Chase, co-star of “Smash” about the same point in time where her ex Zelman, told the public of their break.

Messing explained that she did not expect to be going to L.A. very soon but that when things really did need to keep with the times; she had to sell her house even if it would be a hassle with all the clothes-packing and dealing with papers. It’s a tedious job, she says.

Debra Messing also has a problem with allergies, but lucky for her she has Zyrtec, a product which she too promoted in New York at the Macy’s Flower Show.





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