Avi Snow Dating Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Morgan Lohan or  born as Lindsay Dee Lohan is  an American recording artist, model, fashion designer and actress. She began her career as a child fashion model when she was three.  Starting at the young age of 11, she  made her motion picture debut in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap. Other movies  she starred in was Freaky Friday, Mean Girls,  Herbie: Fully Loaded,  A Prairie Home Companion and Emilio Estevez‘s Bobby. Two driving incidents IN 2007  under the influence  led Lohan to be brought to  probation, and with other three more  rehabilitation facility visits it caused the loss of more  movie deals. The actress practically spent much of 2010 -2011 entangled in  legal problems purporting  from a necklace theft and probation violation.

Lindsay Lohan Dating Avi Snow

Lindsay Lohan Dating Avi Snow

 Veteran actress Lindsay Lohan is said to be currently linked to dating musician Avi Snow. She has been recently started seeing the City of the Sun musician. And her colleagues and friends think that they might  have something special but hopefully he would be a good influence on the famously distressed  starlet, who was just recently sentenced yet again to 3 months  in rehab. The musicians friend says “He (Avi) is  not a reckless and irresponsible  party animal, he does work  in the  industry, sure, but he definitely has got a good head above  his shoulders. “From a good  background and doesn’t get involved with drugs and too much booze scene, he doesn’t even almost drink and basically, he does know his limits  and likes control, he could most likely help Lindsay.” Lindsay who would undergo her sixth attempted time at staying off alcohol and getting sober would start  her court ordered allotted time  in rehab. And her subjection to action would be  focused on her quite large alcohol over consumption  and dependence on legal medications. But the actress confesses that she doesn’t think that is gonna be  a problem for her.

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A source even revealed recently that the  main issue when it comes to Lindsay becoming  sober is her absolute and total denial that she has any sort of  substance abuse issues. Again, she is only going to her so called  rehab entirely because it’s a bit  more bearable and borderline attractive alternative than being put into  jail. Of course, there is always  hope that  Lindsay when  undergoing treatment would recognise with herself that she indeed has a problem. This statement though can be very doubtful considering her given history.




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