Country Singer Mindy McCready Ends Life in Tragedy

Posted on Feb 19 2013 - 1:11am by Kimber

Mindy McCready found dead, upon suicide.

The 37-year old country singer was found dead, in her Arkansas home last Sunday. It was said that someone have heard a gunfire at 3:31 pm. McCready’s body was found my police lying at her Herber Springs house, at the front porch. Police have also declared that she died of a single gunshot wound which was self-inflicted. The body is being held at the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further investigation and Autopsy.


Mindy McCready found dead

Mindy MccreadyRandi Radcliff/AdMedia/Sipa Press

Mindy has left behind her two sons, Zander at age 6 (her son from her former boyfriend), and Zayne at 10 months. Great misfortune has ended the life that had a full promise, and even timely success.

Apparently, the songster had been going through big battles on and off in her life, and this was not even the first suicide attempt. Her passing away has followed the death of her boyfriend, also a famous country singer, David Wilson. Wilson's cause of death was stated to be unknown, and is still going through investigation.

Young Mindy McCready

young mccready

Mindy McCready is best known for her double-platinum album, Ten Thousand Angels. Even so at the peak of her career, her troubled personal life has landed the headlines countless times. In 2004, she was accused of drug fraud and served probation for three years. The next year, she was charged with driving under the influence and driving with a driver's license that was suspended. Despite the series of accusations she had, several others more against her. These were unlawful imprisonment, stealing identity and as well as others.

She was then rushed to the hospital after she had her first suicide attempt. On the following year, while she was pregnant to her eldest Zander, she attempted to kill herself once more by taking antidepressants. It was said that she took 30 tablets.

Mindy Mccready Pic

mindy mccready pic

She went to prison two years later, for battery and resisting arrest. There were many trips to the hospital that followed shortly, and she was also in and out of rehab.

Despite the disturbed soul of Mindy, she continued to dedicate what was left of her almost dying life to her music. Her most recent  album, Still Standing, describes her demise. In one of the singles that was in the album, she sings about fighting through the storm, and still being able to stand in spite of everything. It is just sad that music wasn't enough reason for her to hold on to life.






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