The western love story comes to an end – Clint Eastwood is getting divorced

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The master  of the western movie and the veteran in film producing and acting Clint Eastwood apparently does not have so much ” cowboy love story” anyway.Apparently, the 82 years old actor is separating from his second wife  Diana Ruiz Eastwood with who he  was married for 16 years.Diana Ruiz is  known as American reporter and news anchor and more recently she had add to her portfolio a reality star in the show Mrs.Eastwood&Company.Diana and Clint met in 1963 when she was making a interview with him for KNAZ-TV , the couple didn’t start the relationship right away , but   the next year the charming western boy apparently went to action. They married in March in 1996 in Las Vegas with private ceremony , Clint Eastwood best men was his son Kyle Eastwood and since then the couple seemed to be riding on the calm sea. Until now!


Clint Eastwood & Diana Ruiz Eastwood


 Apparently after showing the most intimate and private thing  inside their marriage  on the  show Mrs.Eastwood&Company , the couple start to have their first rocky moments.Hence, the star from  The Good , the  Bad and  the ugly  wasn’t comfortable at all to  be exposed , and to share private details from his personal life on  National Television. So who is now The Good and  who is the bad in this sad Hollywood story.Most recently from the close source it was reviled that the couple lives separate for a while.According to  sources of their friends Clint Eastwood is living apart from his wife on a place that is still not known.The  couple has their ups and downs but  the   exposition of their private lives was the last drop in the glass.

Clint Eastwood is getting divorced 

The  proud four Oscar winner and  his beautiful wife have one child from their marriage , the 5 years old Morgan Eastwood .The couple is now living apart and the show Mrs.Eastwood&Company will  be canceled any-soon now. The old charming  pioneer of the western movie was recently spotted on the Jazz festival with a  mystery woman , while he was watching the performance of  his son.The conclusion that the couple broke and is living apart was reviled when the Clint Eastwood was spotted without his wedding ring.Diana Ruiz was not available for interview and the western pioneer  has disappeared since it was reviled that the couple will get to end. This was second wife to the  Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood which ended with another divorce. Apparently the old charmer is not grumpy on the TV screens but in private life too.



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