The Love Flame burns again for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

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Apparently where is a smoke there is a fire. This is the case with the On-off relationship between the recently divorced couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. According to sources close to  the beautiful 38  years old  actress Kattie Holmes and the hero from Top Gun, this turbulent  couple decide once again to revoke the old feelings and  maybe eventually to renew the marriage.Anyway other sources have refute this  some call “over-reacting rumor” and reported that the famous couple and  the parents of the 6 year old Suri are not planning to get together nor to renew the marriage, but they are having a regular “flim” in the name of the old good times.

Anyhow, the scandalous couple were spotted together in New York , initially these was a business meeting that at the end  finish not so formal, the long time no see couple apparently have spent the night together in due to revoke the old repressed feelings. According to source close to Holmes, Tom Cruise invite Katie and their daughter Suri  for Christmas in his hideaway in Telluride, Collorado. It seems that the beautiful actress  once again fall on the charm of her ex-husband.Some are saying that this was a moment of weakens for Katie, and others that she is seriusly considering to get back together after all with the father of her child.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

The charming actress popular by her role as Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins  and the 3 times  nominated for Oscar  actor have  married on November 18, 2006 in Los Angeles. That time were a rumors that the marriage was arranged by the church of Scientology ,  recently after  their wedding the couple proudly announce that they are expecting their first  child. After 6 year of marriage , apparently Katie got sick from the  Tom’s obsessive  passion for Scientology and   they marriage broke in October 2012.

But after all, TomKat have  their appearance together in public and that means that they are not shy at all to showing their  new love flame on the streets of New York.According to close source to the couple , Katie has announce that she is not planing to get back together with her Scientology obsessed and difficult husband , but that she is having  post-divorce  affair based only on sexual feelings. At something tells us that , this is not the case with the hollywood charmer. We are about to see if there is a chance of reunion  of Tom Kat.


Katie Holmes Sexy

Katie Holmes Sexy


Katie Holmes Photo

katie holmes photo




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