Top 15 Hot child actresses in Hollywood – 2012

Posted on Apr 9 2012 - 11:02am by admin
When it comes to child actresses, not many people care about their acting or looks. People don’t even know their names most of the time. But you should know that they are our next generation and maybe top actresses of future. In almost every movie there are kids who are very cute and also talented, especially their attitude, it makes them very much cuter than they are. Anyways, so today I have made this list of top 15 hot child actresses in Hollywood of 2012, so check out and I hope you’ll like it.

15. Haley Pullos

Haley Pullos Hot

14. Elsie Fisher

Elsie Fisher Hot

13. Karley Scott Collins

Karley Scott Collins Hot

12. Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer Hot

11. Ciara Bravo

Ciara Bravo Hot

10. Darcy Rose Byrnes

Darcy Rose Byrnes

9. Morgan Lily

Morgan Lily Hot

8. Isabella Acres

Isabella Acres Hot

7. Ruby Jerins

Ruby Jerins Hot

6. Aryana Engineer

Aryana Engineer Hot

5. Joey King

Joey King Hot

4. Gigi Papasavvas

Gigi Papasavvas Hot

3. Avalon Robbins

Avalon Robbins Hot

2. Mackenzie Foy

Mackenzie Foy Hot

1. Mia Hays

Mia Hays Hot



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