12 Hot and Most beautiful Brunette actresses

Posted on Apr 3 2012 - 9:23am by admin
There’s already list of blonde’s, redheads and actresses with black hair. So I had to make this list sooner or later to complete the set and here I am. In this list you will see hot and most beautiful brunette actresses, I have chosen top and most famous celebrities so I am sure you’re already fan of them. Anyways, time to check out the list and I hope you’ll like it.

12. Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr Hot

11. Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Hot

10. Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes Hot

9. Katherine Moennig

Katherine Moennig Hot

8. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Hot

7. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Hot

6. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Hot

5. Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester Hot

4. Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Knowles Hot

3. Megan Fox

Megan Fox Hot

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Hot

1. Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz Hot



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